Buying trips and shipping agency with online shopping of furniture & accessories from Indonesia.

28 Years in Bali

Since 1989, entrepreneur Felipe Saboya has been sourcing, buying and shipping products from Indonesia. At first, to his import warehouse in Brazil, Indoasia,a pioneer in importing furniture and objects from Southeast Asia, and now to clients all over the world.

25 anos em Bali

A Balinese Company

Now, Felipe and his wife, Izabel, extend their range of services through Casa Bali, their Balinese company, whose mission is to offer their customers the excellence in products, assistance and services, guaranteed by their long experience in the area, and a vast knowledge of the region.

The most famous island in the South Pacific, Bali stands out for its beauty, culture, spirituality, leisure and of course, shopping. Casa Bali puts all this wealth within your reach, offering personal shopping services and online custom orders of indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories.

Empresa Balinesa

Buying Trips

Casa Bali offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of local Brazilians and experience the culture, art and nature of the island. We do not sell package tours. Your schedule will be personal, that is, made especially for you. We will take care of your reception, transportation, accommodation in hotels, resorts or villas and we’ll take you to the places that you’d want to know the most. We offer differentiated services for entrepreneurs, professionals, merchants and end buyers (Learn More).

Sourcing, buying and shipping

We offer a great sellection of products covering varied styles, such as ethnic, modern, contemporary and classic. We represent our customers throughout the buying and shipping process, taking care of every detail so that you receive exactly what was ordered (Learn More).